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Your Success is Our Bottom Line

Life Support Academy's vision is to bring both quality and efficiency to educating healthcare providers, lay rescuers, and first responders, providing the lowest prices in the county while maintaining the best customer service, flexibility, and quality in the industry.

Life Support Academy's mission is to educate and inspire millions of individuals to act quickly during emergency situations and provide positive outcomes in those who are in tragedy.

Life Support Academy started from a simple desire to teach and empower the general public on the keys to successful resuscitation while understanding the reason behind the specific interventions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We recommend coming to class prepared, we suggest looking over the algorithms, and brush up on ECG recognition.

We encourage you to join our scheduled courses as much as possible, but we do have multiple instructors that are always willing to do their best to accommodate your schedule, just use our form at the bottom of registration to ask for a date/time request.

We will send BLS/ACLS/PALS eCards at the end of the day that day. NRP ecard are available for student to print out after competing the coarse evaluations

ACLS/ PALS Initial = 12 CEU's, and ACLS/PALS Renewal = 6 CEU's CEU's will be provided only upon request of the student the day of class.

We ask that you have at least 6 students all together to request in-home services.

In-home services are especially convenient for those who desire to host a class with the comfort of being in their own home with their own friends/peers. The only requirement is to have at least 6 students collectively.

This is our way of saying THANK YOU! We will send you a $5 check to your home for every ACLS, PALS, or NRP student you send our way. Just be sure to have the students let us know you referred them. This does not apply to Groups/cohorts already receiving group discounts or BLS/CPR/1st aid courses.

We guarantee a 100% pass rate. We will do all remediation necessary for you to full AHA guidelines competency.

We provide loaner books for free after you register and pay online for your course. The book can be picked up at our office. This textbook rental will be available to you before, during and after class, we just need to set a time and date for pick-up. You may also purchase a book from the following websites: aha.channing-beta.com, laerdal.com, eworldpoint.com

No, not a physical book, but eBook access will be given to registered students.

It really depends on each individual class; the amount of students, class size and knowledge base of the group, we run our class duration based on the AHA matrix.

We will do our very best to accommodate you, if your card has just expired, of course we won't make you go through an Initial Provider Course.

Refunds will only be made if cancellations are done at least 48 hrs prior to class. if you cannot make it to the class you registered for you can reschedule for another class we are offering. please check out our class schedule for upcoming courses.

Absolutely! Assuming that you pass your test and mega code.

Simply bring a pen, an able body and a good attitude.

Expect an email confirming your registration with in one to two business days.

After we receive your registration and payment for the NRP skills check off class you will receive a confirmation email including the Ebook passcodes

**100% Pass Rate- We will teach/remediate until the passing rate is achieved while maintaining AHA guidelines and standards


"Personalized, low pressure and actually learned more about ACLS! [The instructors are] very knowledgeable and presented material simply and effectively."

-Dale T. RN Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

"The most fun ACLS class I have ever done!"

-Corey R. RN Direct Observational Unit (DOU)

"Explanation and examples were extensive and everything was professional and great!"

-Yelena S. RN CLOUD

"Your Success is Our Bottom Line"


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Life Support Academy's mission is to educate and inspire millions of individuals to act quickly during emergency situations and provide positive outcomes in those who are in tragedy.


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